The XP government board regularly holds courses to ensure that our members have access to our machines.  On this page you will find information material and registration links to the courses provided by the XP government.

Safety Course and XP's intro course

In order to get access to the prototype lab at all, it is necessary to have the prototype laboratory's safety course in the daytime. As a machine-student you go this when you read the university course engineering methodology. Other chalmerists apply for the course via the link below. The course goes when about 30 people signed up, usually at the end of each reading period. When the course is to take place, this is announced only by a notification on Canvas, keep an eye out there, it is easy to miss. The course takes about 45min.

After the safety course you have to go XP ́s intro course. This must both machine-students and other chalmerists go to get to stay in the workshop on XP-time. The course is held by the XP handlebars throughout the school year, even read weeks. For about 45 minutes it gives an insight into how the workshop works at XP t
ime.Registration links to these courses can be found below. Keep in mind that you must take the safety course before you attend our intro course.


The course for access to the wooden workshop is held once per reading period. During 2 evenings you will learn how to safely use Table Saw, bandsaws, a plane planer and a pillar drill. After these two evenings there will be a run-up where you can show the moments you have learnt for one hour. When approved, access is obtained to the power to turn on the machines in the part of the workshop that is destined for machining in wood. Dates and registration links are announced at the b

eginning of each study period on our Facebook page.

Metal (Basic Course)

Just like the wood course, metal-basic goes once per reading period.  In this course you get to learn basic machining of metal during three evenings. The machines that will be used during the course are welding (TIG and MIG), Cold saw, pillar drill, belt grinder, grade scissors, bending and roller. After these three evenings there is a run-up where you can show the moments you have learnt. This opportunity takes a little longer than an hour and you are assigned a specific time slot, so that you do not have to be present in the workshop all evening. Approved driveway gives you access to turn on the power of the metal workshop. It is important to point out that this access gives you access to more machines than you are eligible for, and it is your own responsibility not to exceed your powers.

Dates and registration links are announced at the beginning of each study period on our Facebook page.

After applying for metal-basic, the applicants are called to a theoretical test based on the course material available to study here. This is to assure us that you read the material before the course but also to be able to make a selection in case that there will be more applicants than places on the course.

Metal Continuation

Our most comprehensive course in terms of number of occasions per course, which gives you access to our lathes and cutters. Here you can learn enough about the machining process to be able to handle these machines safely, and thus give access to the current in the metal workshop. The course runs once per academic year, usually in study period 2, and extends over six exercises and a run-up evening. On our Facebook page, registration links are posted when it is approaching, and since this course has a very limited number of places (4) a selection is made among the applicants. This course does not have a theoretical test, but it is important that you read our documents on milling and turning before the first course.

3D Printers

This course gives you access to all of our 3D printers and is kept as needed, but a maximum of 4 times per reading period. It is probably the Experiment Workshop's shortest course, which relies mostly on tutorials about our course material. After being called to the course, one should study our course material, and then write a small test at lunchtime on the date that is sent in the email. At an approved test you will be called to the evening's information session where some practical parts and details are passed. This opportunity gives students an excellent opportunity to ask questions. You register your interest via our registration link, which is always open.

Laser Cutter

The course that gives you access to machine Technician Laser cutter. As with the 3D course, this is also held as needed, but a maximum of 4 times per reading period. The layout is very similar to the 3D printer course with course material online that should be studied before writing a test around lunchtime on the date of the email. The practical part of this course is slightly longer, a maximum of 2 hours and is performed after school time. There the participants under supervision will have to show that they have embraced the instructions given in the course material. It also provides the opportunity to ask questions. You register your interest via our registration link, which is always open.