In our metal workshop you get, as long as the security and introcourse with us, use the tools that hang on the board as shown below. In addition to the tools, there are also battery-powered drills inside our workshop cupboard opposite the lathe.






To use the machines and tools below it is necessary to have completed the basic course and the associated examination in metal. More about the course can be found under the tab courses.

Pillar Drilling Machines








To drill holes in plates and non-hardened metals, one of our pillar drills can be used, we have three pieces that are slightly scattered in the workshop, one of which has a vise to be able to drill holes in various hole images in a relatively accurate way.



In order to spread the goods or merge with press fitting, we have a hydraulic press with more powder than we could ever possibly need.








Our bandsaw is used to cut metal on freehand.







Roller and Checkmark

To form plates, we have a waltz and a checkmark that offers many possibilities.





Degree scissors

To cut the plates, we have our grade scissors to help.





Cold saw

Cutting everything from pipes to metal blocks, we have our persistent cold saw that chew more than happy.








For deburing and lighter corrections of metal, we have a belt plaster that does the job well.








In the welding booth there are angle grinders, a MIG weld and two TIG welds. The TIG welds also have a pedal so you can get more control over the heat.







Below are the machines that require the advanced course for metal and the associated examination.









For heavier and more thorough machining of metal along the axes X, Y and Z, we have three cutters.








For machining of or to rotationally symmetrical metal parts, we have three lathes that are ready for use.