The XP Board is the XP Board responsible for administering the association’s equipment, maintaining good relations with Chalmers staff and the association’s behalf, educating members and taking care of the daily operations.

Eric “Locket” Gustafsson, Chairman

Locket is most likely to be found at one of the lathe where the chips fly, more than happy to tinker and always have some ongoing project. Whether it is a tool to the three-point of his tractor or the renovation of an old Woodbasket

Studied his 3rd year in mechanical engineering

Dennis “Raset” Köhlberg, deputy chairman/Treasurer

Our sushi-addicted treasurer with many engines on his conscience, keeps track of our finances and ensures that his hair is always in perfect condition for social events.

Studied his 2nd year in mechanical engineering

Fabian “Gimp” Ebbesson, Educational Manager

XP’s action sporter no. 1, flies up on the climbing wall like Spider-Man and got the rest of the XP board to move outside the dark basement.

Studied his preparatory year ahead of his master

Lorentz “Fliken” Cederlöf, Metal Workshop Manager

Our own “skrotnisse” who finds use for everything. With more tabs than the mobile is capable of, he ensures that our workshop cabinets are full of tools for all-purpose metalworking.

Studied his 3rd year in mechanical engineering

Rasmus “Ankaret” Kristensen, Wood Workshop Manager “It was better before”, you can think that he was born in the 1930’s… Is it old, it is usually something that Ankaret finds interest in, he is especially crazy in old Volvo cars. Sometimes seen on a 26 kg heavy army bike, struggling up the slopes in Gothenburg.

Studied his 2nd year in mechanical engineering

Martin “Hättan” Aronsson, IT Manager

Our IT manager who always stands safe, designs the website and prints bombers. Does not miss an opportunity to tell a Gothenburg joke, even if he is from Borås.

Studied his 1st year in mechanical engineering

Jonas “Nike” Lecerof, 3D/Laser Manager

The guy from data that rarely backs from a challenge, with a mentality of “Just Do it!” he gets it done… Time enough.


Studied his last year on his Z-Master

Robert “RåbitjZ” Östberg, Sponsorship Manager

From Z:a, we enlisted RåbitjZ whose good spons-qualities, like a poodle puppy asking for food, he charms the companies to generous donations along our path to world domination.

Studied his 2nd year Automation & Mechatronics

Frowin “Top Angebåt” Winkes, PR Manager
XP’s mad “Dalmas”, sits with welder in hand and manufactures various contraptions. Often seen on his own built pocketbike, cruising around on the machine’s courtyard and at the same time drives our neighbors to madness.