Workshop regulations

Below you will find the regulations that apply in the workshop both on and off XP-time

  • XP time is between 17:00-24:00 on weekdays and 08:00-24:00 on weekends and holidays. 24:00 is when you should be ready to go and extinguish.
  • To stay in the workshop you must have completed the school's safety course.
  • To stay in the workshop on XP time, you must also have completed the XPs "XP Intro" or be joined by a member of the XP board.
  • It is mandatory to enter and register in the logbook upon arrival and return, regardless of activity and time.
  • Sole work in the workshop is forbidden.
  • In case of accident with personal injuries contact the XP board immediately.
  •  After finishing the hot work, the job must remain, or ensure that someone else stays in the workshop at least one hour to minimise the risk of fire. Hot work ends no later than 23.00.
  • Hot work must be carried out in the welding booth.
  • Alcohol or drug-affected persons are not allowed in the workshop premises.
  • Alcohol or other drugs must not be brought into the premises.
  • You must never manufacture objects in the workshop with the intent to sell them or carry out work for compensation.
  • The manufacture of arms, the renovation or modification of licensed weapons shall not be permitted in the workshop.
  • Stationary machines connected to the terminals may only be used by persons with permission to use them (metal/wood and NC driving licences).
  • It is not allowed to start the stationary machines for people who do not have the appropriate permissions.
  • Persons without a driver's license may only be supervised in the machines by the XP handlebars or by persons designated by the XP handlebars.
  • Materials purchased in the workshop are paid in cash according to the applicable kilo prices. The quantity and type of material are
    into the material binder.
  • Chemical products (paints, oils, solvents, etc.) must not be included in the workshop.
  • Work with thermosetting plastics, epoxy and carbon fibre is forbidden.
  • Spray painting must not be present in the workshop, this also applies to the cabinet in the chemical room.
  • No tools can be brought out of the workshop. It is not allowed to take tools up to the course lab.
  • Tools belonging to XP should only be used on XP-time, other time used school tools.
  • You should always clean up, no matter what the workshop looked like when you arrived. The Sisten to leave the premises must also extinguish and break the power of the machines, i.e. Wood, metal or NC terminal.
  • Neither food nor drink may be consumed or brought into the workshop.
  • If equipment such as machinery and tools breaks, it is your obligation to report this in the injury log with a description of what has happened and any other observations. Also, write your name and phone number so we can contact you if necessary. In case a machine breaks and should not be used,
    Mark this so that nobody accidentally starts it before the repair is done.
  • All members are required to comply with the rules and guidelines set out by the school.
  • All members are required to follow and keep up to date with the XPs workshop regulations which are on a separate document. The latest edition is set up in the workshop. The XP board reserves the right to change the
    These regulations if necessary.

Violations of the above rules entail disciplinary action that extends from the advisories to warnings and exclusions from the workshop. A person who has received several advisories and/or warnings can be turned off from the workshop at XP time. Rule violations that fall under Swedish law will be reported to the police.


Rules on XP time

  • It is not allowed to change the gas cylinders in the welds.
  • It is not allowed to change the chuck in the lathe.
  • Gas cutting is not allowed. Gas welding is okay!
  • It is not allowed to change the regulators on the gas weld. These are correctly preset.
  • Only use hand force when tightening locks and fittings on the machines.
  • Safety shoes must always be worn when working in the metal workshop.
  • Goggles must always be worn when in the metal workshop.
  • When machining cast iron, the mouth guard must be worn. Dust from cast iron is toxic to breathe in.
  • After machining of cast iron, the machine must be wiped clean from the coal dust and exposed guide caps should be cleaned and lubricated thoroughly with oil.
  • After the processing of brass, exposed guide must be cleaned and lubricated thoroughly with oil.
  • If you are the last to use a machine and nobody will use it immediately after you, you are responsible for the machine being properly cleaned.
  • Students are not allowed to interfere with machinery. If a machine breaks or stops working, report this in the logbook and mark the machine so that nobody else is trying to use it.
  • Plugs and automatic fuses may only be replaced and restored by the XP board. Please contact the board if necessary.
  • It is not allowed to adjust the direction of the belt slip in the metal workshop.
  • The screw piece in the large pillar drill must not be loosened as this is measured.
  • Never leave vices, round feed tables or similar unrestrained machines. These should always be stuck when you leave the machine.
  • It is not allowed to change the saw blades of the kallsågens.
  • Do not dispose of worn or damaged tools such as drill bits and high-speed steel cutters. Put them back in their place and they will be replaced. Worn and damaged carbide inserts are replaced and the old ones put in the hard metal collection box.
  • Everyone is responsible for keeping order in the XP cabinet in the workshop.