Here is a finished file to put into the prusorna to print visors depending on the material (PLA/HT-PLA):

Be sure to wash your hands before handling ready-made prints and to spread the bed before printing to minimize contamination.
There is a washbasin on the right below Caster with soap and paper towels.

To use the equipment, you must be completely symptom-free.

The following version is optimized to simplify post-processing of visor holders and can be used to reduce production time.

The following version produces both parts for the visor holder at the same time thanks to Andreas Jonsson.


Unless otherwise specified at the computer in the course lab, use the following settings:

Basin setting "Acrylic 4mm" but change to the following for cutting:

  • 2% speed
  • 85% power
  • 1200 PPI
  • Air on

Note! Use home (not realitive)