Our members have the opportunity to borrow the following from XP:

3D pointing Device

Excellent for those who want to facilitate work in 3d environments such as Cad. These can be lent up to one year.

Hilti Blow Drill

"When you drill a man, and then you drill a lot."
Perfect option for those who need to drill holes in concrete or similar, various drills and chargers to the battery comes with.
This is normally lent over 24 hours.

Decibel meter "Miss decibels"

If you want to be sure that Arret can handle the sound requirement or maybe organise a scream contest, we have a decibel meter available.

50KR/day (free for the one belonging to the machine section)

Deposit of 500 SEK will be taken at the time of the loan and returned upon return.


Mullet Meck's Car Mech Box

If your car is broken, this toolbox has everything you need for it to start rolling again! This red wonderful box is available in the workshop and can be loaned out for a day or two.