Our course to get access to the printers is done as needed and is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical part. After an approved theory test, the course participants are called in to the practical part held in the course lab above the prototype laboratory the date and time specified in the mailing. All necessary course materials can be found below.

Regulatory framework

When using the eXPerimentverstadens 3D printer There are a couple of rules to relate to:

    • The 3D printer may only be used by XP members.
    • To use the printer, you should have completed XP’s course for the 3D printer.
    • Each printout should be booked in advance via the bulletin board outside of the XPs office.
    • Each printout should be followed by the document.
    • Modification or disassembly of the printer is not allowed.
    • All of them are responsible for cleaning the printer after finished printing.
    • For each printout, the printed plastic consumption must be entered in the logbook together with the user’s name.
    • The code for the cages must not be passed on to anyone. For a forgotten code please contact the XP board.


Different printers can use different software, but we try to collect as much as possible in Simplify3D. MakerBot also has free software, MakerBot Print (formerly MakerBot Desktop), which can be used to generate machine code for printers of the same brand. However, this does not have as many setting options as Simplify3D, but works well in most cases. The latest active profiles for our printers can be found here, or in the submenu “Print Profiles”. Here you will find the shorter instructional film for the software that should be studied thoroughly before the course starts.

Our Prusa printers are the most powerful in combination with PrusaSlicer, the slicer has well-developed pre-settings for most materials and can also handle all five filament options offered by the multimaterial upgrade.

General purpose

The film below explains the necessary practical steps to use our printers and should also be studied in depth. Some of the information may be somewhat outdated since the film was created, so if there are any ambiguities, these will be taken up in the practical part.